REPLASTIK Sp. z o.o. has operated for nearly 20 years. We are a production company, active in the plastics industry. We specialise in production, management and processing of plastic waste.

The company has its registered office in Warsaw, while the production takes place in our facility in Arcelin near Płońsk - about 60 km north-west of Warsaw, and 30 km from Modlin airport.

Our products are popular among clients from Poland and abroad (Norway, Netherlands, Germany).

Our main production equipment consists of two J.E.T. lines for adiabatic plastic extrusion: JEM 4000 and JET 3650.

The company is equipped with several grinding, agglomerating and mixing devices dedicated to waste management.

We also have production capacity for injection moulding.

What makes us Unique?


Ergonomics + innovation + experience = good product at an affordable price

Wide product range

From simple board profiles to complete construction projects (marina equipment, stables)

Execution time

We have most of our products in-stock. New orders for profiles are executed within 30 days (from concept to delivery)

Do you know...?

We can use our profiles to create a composite board which is modern, durable and cheap in maintenance for the construction of terraces or garden furniture. See other industries using our products.

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